All About the Sci://Blogz Competition

Sci://Tech 2011 is February 26

Why blog for Sci://Tech this year? 

Show off the hard work you're doing to create your Sci://Fair Science Project by blogging your progress, or create an experiment just for us! Either way, show us your process, step-by-step, from your hypothesis to your results using video, photographs, widgets, and words to blog your way to fame as a Sci://Blogger.  Previous contestants have shown us that sunscreen can't take the heat, name brand baby lotion is NOT a better deal, and our cat is cleaner than we are.

What do I have to do to compete?

*FIRST get your teacher sponsor and parent to sign the permission form and approve your question (read on to find out about the question).

*Create a blog using tools of your choice that explores and answers (is there an answer?) a science or technology question.
  • Clearly state your problem or question. (You can blog your Sci://Tech Science Fair project or come up with a new question for this competition. It's up to you and your teacher.)
  • Clearly state your hypothesis.
  • Present your research and cite your resources/references. (Be careful not to plagiarize.)
  • Present your conclusions and observations in written AND graphical format.
  • Use Web 2.0 tools in creative and unexpected ways.
  • Find and use Web 2.0 tools NOT listed on this site.

What is an example of a great question? (All of these questions are addressed in the hall of fame post below!)
  • Does sunscreen still work after being left in the car?
  • Is brand name baby lotion worth the extra money?
  • Am I cleaner than my cat or dog?
  • Do old people or young people know their faces better?
  • What type of onions make people cry most?
  • Can I take a math test and chew gum at the same time?
The options are limitless! Have fun, and be creative!

What should I know before I start my blog?

*Make sure your blog is convincing, visually compelling, well-written, and interesting.

*Sci://Blogz judges will initially spend no more than 15 minutes reviewing your blog, so make sure it is spectacular even at first glance.

*It is a parent's choice on sign-up form that determines whether blog access will be public or private. On public blogs, parents are responsible for monitoring blog comments and content.

*By participating in the Sci://Blogz competition, you give permission for EfTA to use any content from your blog; therefore, avoid using copyrighted materials.*Competition Categories: Participation is for individuals, not teams. Participants may be in any grade level and any student can be sponsored by any teacher.

How will my blog be judged?
Please look at the rubric judges will be using when viewing your blog.

*Rubric for evaluation

How and Where do I start making my blog?

*Forbes.com Top-Rated/Best of the Web Blog tools. (Word Press may be accessed in its hosted form via http://blogsome.com.)

*Tools for younger students (or ANY students):
Gaggle Blogs requires a school sponsor and includes free blogs.
Publish Post
*How do I get a Google Blogger account?  Get your parents to sign up with you if you're under 13 at this site:  http://www.blogger.com.  If you don't have a Google account, you can get one there or ask someone who has a Gmail account to send you an invitation at your current email address.


bluedog said...

This is a great update to the competition! I don't see a date for the Sci//Tech, so could you post that, and also the link for the permission slip is down.

Ms. Mayer said...

Now updated. Hope that helps, BlueDog!